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Learn more about the world's first provider of 24/7 Facebook Support

Learn more about the world's first

provider of 24/7 Facebook Support.

Helping the world, one Facebook user at a time.

At fig social, our mission is to help the world one Facebook user at a time. Put simply, our primary focus is on the user, which more than likely means our focus is – you. As the world’s first (and only) provider of 24/7 Facebook Support, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. For that reason our mission does not simply stop at providing users with access to the best chat support in the world for their Facebook account, right when they need it.

What started as a way to provide help where other’s wouldn’t has evolved to include developing tech solutions that enhance our social media experiences. This includes products like our patented SocialGuard Data Protection technology which provides additional protection to a user’s Facebook account. SocialGuard is included for Free with each of our support plans (click here to learn more about SocialGuard).


Facebook support and beyond

We provide 24/7 Facebook Support through online chat for any matter you may face with your account or profile. You can access chat support by simply signing up with fig social and creating your account. It couldn’t be easier and if this is your first time signing up with us for your first time can start with Facebook Support for free.

After creating your account, you can easily access our chat support from any device by logging into your private account on our website or via our mobile app. With fig social, you also receive free access to hack and data protection by connecting your account to our patented SocialGuard technology.

If it’s your first time contacting us, you can get started for free. If you decide to keep your account so you can have access to unlimited Facebook Support 24/7 and hack protection, plans start at just $2/month.


Helping you moves us to do more

We’re here to help. Whether you simply can’t login to your Facebook account or believe your account has been hacked, providing the help you need is essential. We are committed to doing our part, and being available for you, anytime you need our help.

Vital to providing you with the help you need, is providing the additional safety your Facebook account needs with free access to SocialGuard. SocialGuard connects to your Facebook account providing secure backup and storage of your profile content like pictures and videos. For most, these invaluable assets aren’t stored anywhere else and would be lost if their account were ever maliciously compromised by hackers. 

There is a reported 167,000 Facebook hacks every single day and virtually no possibility of recovering an account that has been maliciously hacked. SocialGuard is not only a benefit to your fig social plan, in this day and age, it’s necessary. 


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Additional Company Information, Resources & FAQs

We're on-demand when you need us with the Facebook answers you need

In the U.S. each day, over 160,000 Facebook users search for some form of live FB Help and each day those 160,000 users come up short. In a recent article by Digital Trends an excerpt states, “Facebook is a company that’s infamous for its poor – and at times seemingly non-existent – customer service,” said Joseph Ridout, a spokesman with Consumer Action. “None of this [$5 billion] settlement appears to be dedicated toward improving that customer service or making the user interface more manageable for people who experience problems.”

It’s unfortunate, but we at fig social understand why a support channel doesn’t exist at Facebook for users. And, that is exactly why, we exist! Our support plans provide you with On-Demand, 24/7 Facebook Support and Account Help through live chat exactly when and where you need it. Not only that, you receive access to our AnswerCenter, Tutorial Videos and more, all with the aim of providing the solutions you need to resolve your Facebook account issues quickly and effectively. Until us, there wasn’t an option for support and now there is saving your massive amounts of time and headache trying to resolve your matter alone. If you’d like to learn more about a Free Trial of our Facebook Customer Service Chat Solutions, click here.

How on-demand Facebook from fig social works

It’s pretty simple. You need Facebook Support for your account such as you need to do or get help with the following; Recover Disabled Account, Accounts You No Longer Have Access To, Recover a Hacked Facebook Account, Can’t Receive The Code to Reset, Have a Reset Password issue, Problem with a Facebook page, Difficulties When You Enter The Code Sent To You and/or Other Customer Service Need, that you can’t resolve on your own. When that happens you try to get in touch with Facebook and learn about fig social! From there, you start for free with Chat Support, and we help you resolve your matter quickly and effectively. 

Why doesn't Facebook help after your account gets hacked

No wasting your valuable time trying to search for a lost cause, going to the Facebook Help Center and / or researching every FAQ page on the internet. Given links like this one here: https://www.facebook.com/help/live-chat don’t lead to a live page, you just go to ours and complete your Facebook issue support ticket instead.

You ask your questions and we make sure you get the answers you need and your issue resolved. It’s pretty awesome and we’re legit! Our team knows their stuff!! Give it a try and find out for yourself. To get free trial, begin by completing the form at the top of our homepage which you can find here.

Protecting Facebook accounts from potential hacks with SocialGuard...

Facebook Account Hacks Causing Complete Data Loss Happen More Than You Probably Want To Know. Originally thought to be 50 million – at 20 million less the original number sited – 30 million malicious Facebook account hacks happened in October of 2018. These fraudulant account attacks not only result in identity theft and information stolen, but cause complete account deletion and removal from Facebook’s system. With no support to be found or for you able to contact, any and all of your profile information is lost forever.

USA Today Report

With SocialGuard you receive around the clock storage and preservation of every video and picture you posted as well as the information you posted with them. These precious moments & memories remain preserved on our AWS servers and accessible only to you. The great news is you get SocialGuard absolutely free with your fig social On-Demand Facebook Support Plan. Plans start with a free trial after which they start at only $2 per month. That’s a good reason to celebrate. Stay protected with SocialGuard! To learn more, go to www.socialguard.io.



It’s actually quite simple. If you’ve ever attempted to Contact Facebook or searched for Live Facebook Help, you more than likely already discovered the answer. Unfortunately, you can’t get the support you need from Facebook directly – because it’s not something that exists. Facebook doesn’t have a live support or customer service team for users.

The reason for this is due to the reality that the majority of Social Media Networks are founded upon a free user model. Model’s in which revenue is derived from sources other than directly from a network’s user base. We don’t blame them for this lack of user support, though! That’s why fig social exists! All of our plans include unlimited Facebook Help & Customer Service as well as SocialGuard at no additional cost.. It not only gives you the ongoing Facebook customer support & the answers you need, but protects your profile assets from loss.

what are my other options for support if i'm not interested in fig social's free trial at this time?

Don’t want to take us up on a free trial, are you crazy??? Just kidding!!! We like to have fun around here, but to answer the question, you do have some options at your disposal. That said, those options won’t include any type of legitimate live support (be extremely wary of any websites you may land on claiming to provide such & make sure they have reviews from real people on Google or Yelp). 

Our official recommendation would be to use the resources at Facebook’s Help Center. You can search and may ultimately be able to resolve your issue on your own, but for most, it takes some time. Every major social media network that exists today provides documentation in the form of Help Centers just like Facebook’s that you can access. We’ve compiled a list with links to Facebook’s Help Center and 9 of the other most popular networks today. To check it out at our blog, click here. 

is fig social connected to FACEBOOK in anyway?

It’s important for us to make the distinction clear that at this time, we have no formal relationship with Facebook, Inc., any of its subsidiaries or any other social media network for that matter, We’re not attempting to appear as such, nor would we ever claim to have any sort of official connection with them, presently. That in mind, we love our entire Facebook and social media communities and are grateful they exist. We also make no qualms and understand as to why help isn’t a resource they’re able to provide to users. For more on this topic, you can check out the Public Disclaimer located on the footer of our website and follow the link to more information.

How can you help me with my Facebook account and what exactly do you do?

We’ve successfully resolved over 3,000 (and counting) unique Facebook user support cases. So, there’s probably not much you can throw at us that we can’t handle. The large majority of support issues we see on a daily basis, we have the answer for. fig social is a paid service as we’re an independent provider of Facebook support, doing our best to feed our families and give back to society, just like everybody else. The service we provide is a premium one providing value to save you time and a little added peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes at the cost of less than a cup of coffee per month.

We’re here to help. Plain and simple. We have two basic products rolled into one – Live Facebook Support and Instagram Support for your social media accounts and SocialGuard™ account data protection that protects and preserves your social media pictures and videos. All of our plans start with a Free Trial with starting at only $2/month, all of which include SocialGuard account protection.


Our team is here to help pick up the slack. fig social was founded by Corbitt Chandler, an entrepreneur and small business owner, who saw an opportunity to help. We’re comprised of some of the best of the best when it comes to social media best practices and experience. We’re also a brain trust of digital marketers, social media managers, influencers, developers, programmers, Facebook and Google Partners and certified CRM architects. We know our stuff and you can trust we’ll do whatever it takes to get your matter resolved quickly and effectively.

why would i pay after the free trial to receive support for my social media support?

The value for us is in resolving your Facebook account issue The value for you is saving you massive amounts of wasted time, stress and energy. Remember, you also receive access to Hack Protection with SocialGuard, but if what we do isn’t for you that’s A-okay. We understand and will be here if you ever need us. 

For those who do want to save time, get the answers they need and receive super friendly chat support, grab your free trial today! We love helping provide the support you need to resolve your Facebook account issues. You’re peanut butter to our jelly and it’s why we exist. 😉

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