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fig social is the first and only provider of Facebook Business Live Chat Support. With live chat support from fig social, you’ll receive access to our expert chat team, with low-cost month-to-month or annual plan options. Primarily, we support & resolve Facebook Business Manager, Ad Account and Marketplace Support issues. We also support Facebook’s subsidiaries (like Instagram and Whatsapp) as well as other Social Media Networks (contact us at [email protected] for questions about additional networks).

Why fig social?

While possible hard to believe, due to the business model of social media networks’ like Facebook, there’s no revenue centers available for them to provide live support to users – even most small to medium-sized businesses. The reality is unless your business spends over $50k per month on a regular basis on advertisements, you’re going to be hard pressed to be able to get in touch with or hear back from anyone after you attempt to contact Facebook business support. This also includes attempting to call Facebook business support and/or live chat the company. Instead, Facebook Business Manager Tech & Ad Account Support is offered via online articles (or HelpCenters). These vast libraries provide documentation from user inquiries for is very much a self-service type of process. Additionally, you can submit a request to them, but, you’re unlikely to ever see a response or receive any type of message back from Facebook corporate.
Five Star Rating

“I couldn’t get my Facebook ad account live and after researching for what felt like forever, I stumbled upon fig social’s live chat support. Their Facebook business support team are experts and helped me to get my ads live, back up and running in no time! I couldn’t recommend their support services more! I’m on the annual plan and I love it! I’m even considering cancelling my ad agency because they’re so helpful.”

– Brian E.

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Expert Live Chat Support

Live support no matter where you are, the device you're using or when you need us. We're available live to you and will get your matter resolved quickly and effectively with friendly live chat support experts trained in Business Manager, Advertising Accounts and more!

Valuable Time Saved

Save your valuable time, focus your efforts elsewhere and let our business support experts help you with your issue to get your matter resolved ASAP! We'll resolve your matters in minutes allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter.

No Hidden Fees

You can choose from 3 main live chat support plans for your Facebook Business Support Needs with absolutely no additional charges or hidden fees - ever. If you're interested in a customized support plan for your business contact us at [email protected]

What type of account issues can fig social help you resolve?

There’s not an account issue we’ve encountered yet that we haven’t been able to resolve for our customers, but below are few examples of the types of issues we see regularly.

  • Ad Account Set Up
  • FB Page Set Up
  • Business Manager Set Up
  • Ad Approvals
  • Ad Compliance
  • Payment Issues
  • Making and/or receiving payments through Marketplace
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Audience Targeting
  • Ad Account Suspensions
  • Reporting problems and suspicious activity
  • Login and password recovery
  • How to find & change your Facebook Business Manager settings
  • How to reset your password
  • Types of error messages
  • How to change notification settings
  • Marketplace issues
  • Advertiser support
  • And, much, much more!
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