Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Dating in September of last year. Designed to provide potential relationship matches based on things like interests, group involvement, events attended, and mutuals friends, Facebook Dating is poised to become a front-runner in the online dating world.

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How Does Facebook Dating Work?

The sign up process for Dating is relatively simple given that you probably already have a lot of personal information (including photos) stored on your Facebook or Instagram accounts. It does give you the chance to change anything that you want, but will auto-fill things like photos and bio’s from your regular Facebook profile.

You can specify your preferences in a match in your profile settings. Preferences include gender, age, distance from you, and languages spoken. You can also choose an education level, if they have kids or not, and their religious beliefs.

Once your profile is set up, Facebook will begin presenting you with potential matches. You have the option to pass or connect on the match at first glance, or you can expand their profile to learn more about them. On the “explore” dashboard you can also choose to find matches based on common event participation and common Facebook group involvement.

They’ve clearly thought through all privacy concerns for users. All interactions that take place in Facebook Dating are restricted to that space, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your friend list seeing what’s going on in your love life. And as we explain later in the article, they also won’t match you up with your direct friends, unless you want them to.

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Staying Safe While Online Dating

As with any online dating platform, there are inherent risks that come with connecting with people through Facebook Dating. To see their guide to better understanding how to protect yourself while interacting with the platform, click here.

One safety feature that stood out to me was that users have the ability to share details with select friends or family members about upcoming in-person dates through Messenger. Users can even share their live location through the Messenger App so that loved ones can keep a constant eye on their whereabouts while they’re out on a date.

Real User Review: Negeen Dargahi*

*fig social has no affiliation with Negeen Dargahi whatsoever.

While doing some initial research, I took to YouTube to guage the public’s opinion. Unsurprisingly, I found several videos of YouTubers dishing about their personal experience with Facebook Dating. Overall I’d say the public reception to Dating has been very positive. I chose to include a short snippet from full-time YouTuber Negeen Dargahi because she does a good job showing the sign-up process and provides plenty of commentary as she’s sorting through her potential matches.

Negeen is no stranger to reviewing online dating apps (One of her more successful videos on the topic of dating apps has reached 3.1 million views). But in her review of Facebook Dating, she admits that she doesn’t consider herself a seasoned vet of the online dating world. Which could actually give her opinion of it’s usability even more validity.

One specific feature that Negeen commented on was the ability to add a Secret Crush from her existing Facebook and Instagram friends. While Negeen wasn’t too hot on the idea of invading her existing friends’ private space, she did admit that if Facebook Dating were to grow in popularity (ie, normalcy/acceptance) she would consider adding some connections as secret crushes.

About Secret Crush

So, what’s the deal with Secret Crush? This feature came about as a result of early Dating users expressing an interest in being able to connect with their current friends, not just friends of their friends. However, this does add a layer of complexity and the potential to make things pretty awkward, so Secret Crush was born.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. If you’re crushing on a friend, you can add them as a Secret Crush. If that friend is active on or joins Facebook Dating, they will receive a notification that they have a secret admirer. BUT! It won’t tell them who that admirer is unless they were to also add you as their own secret crush. So if the feeling’s mutual, you’ll both know. If it’s not mutual, you get to maintain your anonymity (and dignity).

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Pro’s: Negeen noticed that the men she was being matched with had taken great care in filling out detailed information on their Dating profiles.

One Big Con: While this issue may be specific to Negeen’s internet connection, she frequently complained about the loading time on the app.

Her final take: Facebook Dating is a relationship network that’s well-suited for individuals who are accustomed to the online dating scene and are looking to add a little variety to their online network.

We recommend checking out her video below for the full scoop.

Expert Opinion: Dr. Paulette Sherman*

*fig social has no affiliation with Dr. Paulette Sherman whatsoever.

Dr. Paulette Sherman* is a Psychologist and Author who specializes in Dating Coaching. As she shares in the introduction of the video below, she believes that Facebook Dating may have an advantage over other online dating services because of the user research they conducted prior to launching the app. Through a series of extensive surveys, team members at Facebook were able to assess what was working well for online dating users and what was not.

After doing her own research into Facebook Dating, she identified twelve factors that she believes are advantageous in using the app over other online dating sites.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll be sharing five of those advantages. To hear her full opinion, you can watch the video below.

  1. Facebook is built for serious consideration, not impulse. It’s clear that the users on Facebook Dating have taken great care to craft a detailed profile, and the platform’s interface encourages scrolling through the entire profile.
  2. Privacy. Drl Sherman talks a lot about the privacy features of the app, notably that you have the ability to block people of your choosing from seeing your Dating profile. Additionally, you can immediately block a user if they’re harassing you. Taking such action will also flag the offender’s profile, alerting other users of the previous issues.
  3. Pause. Online dating burnout is a real thing. One of the advantages of Facebook Dating is that they give you the ability to push pause on your dating account without having to delete it entirely. Meaning you can stop being “available” to potential matches for an amount of time, then return back to the app whenever it suits you.
  4. Friends of friends. Facebook Dating will match you up with other users who share friends in common with you. While this alone doesn’t mean you’ll be compatible, it is a little more intimate than a complete “cold” match.
  5. Matching based on shared interests. Facebook Dating will also match you up to others based on interests that you have in common. You may or may not realize this, but Facebook has been keeping track of the pages that you interact with and the branded/sponsored links that you click on. While they can’t do anything unethical with this data, they can use it to find compatible relationship matches for you.

For the remaining seven advantages, see Dr. Sherman’s full video below.

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