Facebook Account Login Issues: Information and Troubleshooting

Experiencing login issues is one of the most commonly reported Facebook Account problems.  There are a number of reasons why a user might be experiencing difficulty accessing their account.  fig social’s live, on-demand Facebook Account chat support is standing by, ready to help with any and all Facebook Account issues!

Facebook Account Login Issues

If you can’t access your Facebook Account, you can get started with our live, on-demand Facebook Support chat service immediately!  We’ve successfully helped thousands of clients resolve their Facebook issues with a near-perfect satisfaction rate of 97.58%.  Click the button below to get started now! 

We’ve also put together a free video that walks you through what to do in case you can’t login to your account and shows you how to never get locked out of your account again.  You can see it here

Why Am I Locked Out Of My Facebook Account?

If you’re having issues logging into your Facebook Account, we understand your frustration.  There’s nothing worse than not understanding why you can’t access your account.  Below are a few of the reasons why you may be experiencing this.

Common Login Issues:

  • You Changed Your Password – If you’re having issues getting into your account, it’s possible that you’ve changed your password at some point in the past.  It’s not uncommon to have forgotten about changing a password, especially given the amount of accounts most users have across the internet.  If this has happened, follow the link to reset your password on the login page. 
  • Your Account Has Been Disabled By Facebook – If your Facebook account has been disabled, you’ll see a message saying your account is disabled when you try to log in. If you don’t see a disabled message when you try to log in, you might be having a different login problem.  Facebook disables accounts that don’t follow the Facebook Terms. Some examples include:
    • Posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms.
    • Using a fake name.
    • Impersonating someone.
    • Continuing behavior that’s not allowed on Facebook by violating our Community Standards.
    • Contacting other people for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that’s not allowed.
  • Your Account Has Been Hacked – Malicious account hackings are an unfortunate daily occurrence.  If this is the case, our support agents can help you work towards a resolution!

How To Resolve Login Issues

Below are a few tips to troubleshoot your login issues.  If these don’t resolve your issue, our chat agents are standing by to walk you through step-by-step!  CLICK HERE to get started for free today!

  1. Try Recovering Your Account: Go to facebook.com/login/identify and follow the instructions. Make sure to use a computer or mobile phone that you have previously used to log into your Facebook account.
  2. Try Resetting Your Password:  Over the next few months, they’re updating how www.facebook.com looks. Learn more about how to switch between New and Classic Facebook. Click below to reset your password for the version you’re using.
  3. If Your Account Is Disabled:  If you think your account was disabled by mistake, please use this form to request a review.

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