Facebook recently announced that they were releasing a Desktop Messenger App for Mac OS and Windows.  The new app also has a group video conferencing tool in addition to the traditional Messenger chat features that users have come to love.  Facebook says that “[the desktop app] will offer group video calls on a larger screen to help people stay in touch with family and friends, workout together, or host a virtual happy hour.”  These group calls are unlimited and come at no additional cost to the user. Facebook Messenger Desktop App is an increasingly appealing alternative to other platforms like Zoom, which has come under intense scrutiny for security breaches amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increased Facebook Messenger Use

Facebook reported that over the past month they saw more than a 100% increase in people using their desktop browser for audio and video calling on Messenger due to shelter-in-place orders made in an effort to combat the COVID-19 crisis.  The new Desktop Messenger app offers a more seamless user experience than the web-based Messenger. All of your conversations can be accessed with just a few clicks without having to navigate to Facebook’s website.  

Other highlights of the new app include the ability to use Dark Mode, send and receive gifs, easily manage notification settings, and multi-task without interrupting ongoing conversations while using the application.  Additionally, the desktop app will sync to the mobile version of the app, so you can pick your conversations up right where you left off even when you’re on the go!

Get Started with Messenger Desktop App

Downloading the desktop app and getting setup is a simple process.  If you’re a Windows user, CLICK HERE to download the app from the Microsoft Store.  For Mac users, CLICK HERE to download the app from the App Store (alternatively, if you have the App Store application on your computer, you can access the store through that shortcut).  

Once you have downloaded the application, click to open it (you may need to open your Downloads folder in order to find the installed application).  Once you open the app you’ll see a welcome screen where you will be given the option to sign in with either your Facebook credentials or an email address or phone number.  

Welcome to Messenger Desktop App Sign In Page

I chose to sign in with my Facebook credentials, as I already have an active Facebook account.  If you use Messenger independent of a Facebook account, then you can sign in with your appropriate credentials.  

Once you sign in, you’ll see a confirmation page ensuring that you are logging into the correct account.  To continue, you’ll click the blue button that reads, “Open Messenger Desktop.”

Depending on your browser settings, you may see an additional confirmation pop-up asking permission to open the application.  My Macbook has a small window that drops down from the top of the screen. This is an added layer of security meant to protect you from opening potentially dangerous applications.  Click “Open Messenger” if you see this pop-up box.

And that’s it!  You should see the desktop app open up to the inbox view of your Messenger.  The design of this app perfectly mirrors the web-based and mobile versions of Messenger, so the transition is seamless.  

Video Conferencing on Messenger Desktop

Starting or joining a video conference is simple.  If you are the one organizing the call, you’ll begin by clicking the message composer in the top right-hand corner of the inbox pane.

Facebook Messenger Desktop App
Image via Facebook

You’ll add everyone to the message as if you were starting a normal group chat.  Then, select the video call option in the top right-hand corner of the message pane.

Facebook Messenger Desktop App
Image via Facebook

Once you click this, the app will notify others in the group that a call has been initiated.  If they accept the notification and join the call, you will see them pop up in the chat window.

Facebook Messenger Desktop App Video Conferencing
Image via Facebook

And that’s it! It really is that simple to get setup on Facebook’s new Messenger Desktop App. Staying connected with your friends and family couldn’t be any more convenient!

Facebook Support

At some point, you might need some kind of help or support with Messenger or your Facebook account in general.  Facebook doesn’t offer any kind of user support outside of its Help Center library of articles, which are completely self-serve.  But don’t worry, we’ve got great news!

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You can start by browsing some of our recent articles. Check out our library of help videos or our advice on how to avoid needing to contact Facebook Support.  To get started with a FREE TRIAL of fig social right away, CLICK HERE to visit our support page!


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