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fig social is the first and only provider of On-Demand Facebook Support Services. With fig social, you receive on-demand Facebook Live Chat Support access to our experts. Our Facebook Customer Support Plans also come with feedstr data protection. Primarily, we resolve Facebook Support issues, but we also serve Instagram users and many other of the top social networks today.
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Why fig social?

It may be hard to believe, but due to business model of Facebook and most other social networks today, they don’t provide any type of live customer support to their users. Instead, Facebook Tech Support is offered via online articles made available in their HelpCenters. These vast libraries provide documentation from user inquiries for what becomes a self-serve type of process to resolve their matter. Getting the Facebook help you need can be next to impossible, time consuming and research intensive.

Because, unfortunately...

So, if you’re tired of searching Google and wasting your valuable time, you’ve come to the right place! With On-Demand Facebook Support from fig social, we get your FB issue resolved quickly, saving you massive amounts of time and the headache that comes with trying to figure your issue out on your own. You can start for FREE and it’s pretty awesome stuff! So, if you like being awesome, get started today!

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Happy Mother & Daughter Feedback
Five Star Rating
Michelle J.

“I was locked out of my Facebook account and these guys got me back in! Thank you Fig Social!! You rock 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

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Five Star Rating
Kyrsti S.
“Corbitt is the best person to work with. He even helped me figure things out on the weekend. He saw things weren’t getting figured out for me in the time I needed, so he hopped on the messages and made sure I was taken care of. It meant the world. From a business owner to another, Corbitt and Fig Social for sure have my recommendation.” See on Google
Five Star Rating
Joie G.

“My account got hacked and even though I changed my password, Instagram still locked me out due to “detection of suspicious activity”. After noticing that Instagram never sent a code to my phone number after trying for a few days, I found fig social and the people there were determined to help me, even though the situation also confused them. I worked with a lovely lady, Danielle, for months and she put in a lot of time and energy to figure out what was going on. She even helped me when I said I couldn’t afford to pay for fig social; I was just a college student who wanted to get back on her Instagram. I could tell and it was much appreciated how much the people on fig social cared about me and my situation.”

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fig social Provides All-In-One Expert Help For Any Of Your Facebook Problems...


Live support, no matter what time, the device you’re using or when you need us – we’re always available for you with super simple live chat support that’s easy to access, 24/7. Not only that, you will also receive access to additional helpful resources when you sign up for free.


Recent studies show that 160,000 Facebook accounts are hacked daily and it can take the average user two weeks or more to resolve an issue on their own and some never are resolved. These same Facebook issues can be resolved by our team in a matter of minutes giving you valuable time back to your day.


Facebook personal accounts receive a free trial of fig social’s live chat Facebook Support. It’s easy to cancel and if you decide to continue, plans start at only $2/month giving you on-demand Facebook Support. Not only that, you receive free access to feedstr Facebook Hack Protection as part of your plan.

What type of Facebook account issues does fig social help you resolve?

There’s not a support case we’ve encountered to date that we haven’t been able to resolve for our customers.  Below are a few examples of the types of issues we see regularly.

With a 98.4% success rate on thousands of users supported, there’s rarely a FB support case that we’re unable to resolve for people. That’s why we offer a free trial and money back guarantee if you’re charged for support and we’re unsuccessful at helping you with your individual issue. While not all-inclusive, below is a more detailed list of the types of issues we see regularly.
Account Recovery Issues Icon
Account Recovery Issues
Facebook Login Issues Icon
Facebook Login Issues
Hacked Accounts Icon
Hacked Accounts
Facebook Password Help
Facebook Password Help
Fake or Suspicious Accounts Icon
Fake or Suspicious Accounts
Marketplace or Business Support Icon
Marketplace or Business Support

Examples Of What People Have Said When Contacting Us For Help...

” I can’t login to Facebook account “
“I think my Facebook account has been hacked “
” I need to recover my Facebook account “
” I’m not receiving my Facebook reset code “
” The reset code i’m receiving from Facebook isn’t working “
” I need to get access to my old Facebook account “
” My Facebook account has been suspended and I don’t know what to do “

” Can you tell me where to find my Facebook settings? “
” My Facebook account has been locked. I can’t access it “
” I’m trying to report suspicious Facebook account activity “
” I need support for my business’s Facebook page “
” I need help with error messages I’m receiving from Facebook “
And, much, much more!

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