Facebook introduced a new on-demand streaming feature in August of 2017.  Called “Facebook Watch,” the service allows users to create and upload both short and long-form videos in addition to streaming the platform’s premium and exclusive video content.  

The feature hasn’t exactly “taken off” as the company had likely hoped that it would, as many Facebook users aren’t even aware that it exists.  Regardless, it still offers very useful features for everyone, even those who may not be interested in an on-demand streaming service.  By navigating to the Watch dashboard, you can access all of your friends’ most recent videos much in the same way that you can access their stories.  The dashboard also has a tab for live videos (from the global Facebook community and your personal friend network), exclusive Facebook Watch shows, and your saved video archive.

Navigating To The Watch Dashboard

How do you access your Watch dashboard?  Depending on which version of Facebook you are currently using (Classic or The New), you may have one or two ways to access the Watch center.

Classic Facebook

If you’re using Classic Facebook (as pictured below), your Watch center can be accessed by clicking on the sidebar icon that looks like a flat-screen TV with a play icon in the center.

The New Facebook

You have two navigation options if you’re using The New Facebook. As with the Classic version, there is a tab available on the sidebar navigation.

Or, you can click on the TV icon on the top center navigation bar.

Understanding The Facebook Watch Center

Once you’ve navigated to the Watch dashboard, you’ll immediately land on the Home tab. Here Facebook may feature videos from the global community mixed in with videos from your friends. Additionally, you can access all recent videos that have been posted by your friends under the section titled “Watchlist.”

The Shows tab will take you to all Facebook Watch premium and exclusive shows. Genres range from celebrity documentaries, reality shows, adventure series (hello, Bear Grylls), and more.

The Live tab will take you to popular Live videos taking place now or archived from a recent live viewing.

How To Manage Watchlist Notifications

If you’ve added pages or people to your Watchlist, you’re likely receiving notifications each time they add a new video.  If these notifications are no longer wanted, you can easily manage them with just a few clicks.  

Managing Watchlist Notifications In Classic Facebook

First, navigate to the Watch dashboard. Once there, find the sidebar section titled Your Watchlist. Click on the gear icon off to the right.

When you click on this icon, a pop-up window will appear with your Watchlist. To the right of every name or page listed you’ll see the option to manage update notifications or to remove them from the list completely.

Managing Watchlist Notifications In The New Facebook

To manage notifications while using The New Facebook layout, navigate to your Watch dashboard. Then, locate the Watchlist section on the sidebar navigation. Click “Manage.”

After you click Manage, the Watchlist will show a bell icon and an “x” next to each person or page on your list. Clicking on the bell icon will give you the ability to manage notifications for the person or page. Clicking the “x” will give you the ability to remove them from the Watchlist altogether.

Facebook Watch is the all-in-one stop for all things video-related. Even if you aren’t familiar with the feature by its name, you’re likely engaging with its content already. We hope this guide will help you to take advantage of everything that Watch has to offer!

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