According to Statista, Facebook had nine million active advertisers on the social media platform in the second quarter of 2020. Advertising is one of Facebook’s biggest revenue streams, giving the social media giant plenty of reason to provide ample FB resources to businesses looking to engage with the online community.

FB Resources: Blueprint Learning Courses

The most popular free resource for businesses on Facebook is the Business Help Center, a library of resources helping businesses troubleshoot common issues. It also provides standard guides to getting started with business accounts, publishing content, advertising, setting up a retail Shop, and monetizing your content.

facebook business help center

The Business Help Center is an invaluable resource that all businesses need to be aware of, but there’s another resource available that could prove even handier in learning the ins-and-outs of FB for business: free Facebook Blueprint learning courses. These free courses walk business owners and marketers through various aspects of Facebook for Business, providing more detailed guidance in getting started.

The screenshots below show the courses available for anyone to take:

fb resources for business

Each of the courses are set up like any typical online learning experience. The lefthand menu shows overall course progress and allows users to navigate between lessons. After completing a course, users are given the option to move on to a related course.

fb resources for business

We strongly encourage business owners to explore all available resources in order to get the most out of what Facebook has to offer. Facebook can be an invaluable tool to growing a business both locally and nationally (or, internationally, if that’s your market). fig social is also proud to provide live chat support for business owners. CLICK HERE to learn more about what we offer for businesses on Facebook.

About fig social: Facebook Live Chat Support

fig social was founded in 2019 by Corbitt Chandler, who also founded the digital marketing agency, Apex Current.  The vast majority of Chandler’s work at Apex Current involves deploying Facebook ad campaigns for his clients, making him very familiar with the gaping holes in Facebook’s support system.  After realizing that Facebook had no plans to provide the much-needed support service to its users, fig social was born.  

At fig social, our mission is to help the world one Facebook user at a time. As the world’s first (and only) provider of 24/7 Facebook Support, we don’t take this responsibility lightly.  We provide support through online chat for any issue you may face with your account.  Whether you need help to Recover a Hacked Account, Recover a Disabled Account, Reset your Password, or other customer service issues, our team is ready to help you resolve your issue.  

You can start by browsing some of our recent articles. Check out our library of help videos or our advice on how to avoid needing to contact Facebook Support.  To get started with a FREE TRIAL of fig social right away, CLICK HERE to visit our support page!


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