If you’ve ever wondered about fig social’s pedigree, look no further than our founder and his recent consulting call with LinkedIn‘s Head of Product for Campaign Manager (video below).

Corbitt Chandler founded fig social in June of 2019. Before founding fig social, he ran multiple successful companies including his marketing agency, Apex Current (which is still active), and his two product companies, CoolStream and WaveFlow. Apex Current’s core differentiating factor from most other ad agencies was founded in performance-driven digital advertising. To put it as simply as possible what this means is using data and analytics to drive tangible business results for their clients (a client book which at the business’s height spanned across the U.S. as well as South America and Europe).

In addition, Corbitt founded CoolStream and WaveFlow, both subsidiaries of Apex Current, as end-to-end marketing pipeline products offered to practitioners and clinics of specific medical treatment verticals. While both were successful in their own right, CoolStream specifically, was a large part of the overall growth in company revenue. Both of these companies were built with the ability to provide practitioners with everything they needed for their marketing and sales arms.

Ok, so, why is any of this important and how does it relate to what we do at fig social?

Corbitt’s expertise in digital advertising – where he cut his teeth – started in Facebook advertising branching out to many platforms from that point onward. This includes the topic for this post LinkedIn, who even tapped him to consult on the architecture for their Campaign Manager product.

fig social being founded by an agency owner makes sense on so many levels chief of which is providing unparalleled service, but also due to the depth of knowledge that comes with the ins and outs of platforms like Facebook and the ability to provide support. For example, many of the issues users have like resetting their Facebook password, not receiving Facebook’s reset code, etc. Corbitt experienced firsthand due to his agency having multiple profiles on the platform for business purposes.

Corbitt began to document these cases parlaying that idea into fig social due to the massive need for a cost effective provider of Live Chat Facebook Support services online as well as via our new mobile application.

Check out Corbitt’s consulting call with LinkedIn by watching the video below. If you need live Facebook Support anytime 24/7 get started for free by going to our homepage by clicking here.

So, without further ado here’s the video. We thought this would be a good way to introduce him to you.




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