We at fig social offer 24/7, on-demand Facebook account chat support. Since launching our chat service in June of 2019, we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of Facebook users with their account problems with a near-perfect satisfaction rate (97.58%!).

One of the most common issues that we see come across our chat desk is a user having issues accessing their account. While some of these login issues are due to the user’s account being compromised by a hacker or even disabled by Facebook, oftentimes the issue is in something less serious, like a forgotten password or loss of access to an email address.

Keep reading to find links to our most helpful resources, organized by topic.

Resource Roundup: fig social Answer Center

Resetting Your Facebook Password

Here you’ll find links to the following resources:

  • How to change or reset your Facebook password
  • Clarification on why they ask for your email login information while resetting your password
  • Help with One-Time Passwords

Account Login Issues

Here you’ll find links to the following resources:

  • Help with a personal account that’s been disabled
  • Information about “sender not verified” warnings
  • Loss of access to linked email or phone number
  • General information on logging into your Facebook account
  • First-steps to determine why you can’t login to Facebook
  • What to do when you aren’t seeing the Facebook signup confirmation email
  • What to do when you aren’t seeing the reset password email

Your Photo I.D. – Uploading It, Why Facebook Needs It, etc.

Here you’ll find links to the following resources:

  • What happens to your ID after you send it to Facebook

Facebook Account Recovery – Security / Login Codes

Here you’ll find links to the following resources:

  • What’s security checkup and how to start it
  • How to use trusted friends to regain access to your account and troubleshooting
  • Using an authentication app for two-factor authentication
  • What the Code Generator is and how to use it
  • About saving your device to your Facebook account
  • About confirming your identity in order to regain access to your Facebook account

Facebook Password Q + A

Here you’ll find links to the following resources:

  • How to create a strong Facebook password
  • What is a one-time password and how to get one
  • Information on reaching a password reset limit
  • Managing password and PIN settings when sending money through Facebook messenger
  • How to use app passwords

About fig social

fig social is the world’s first provider of Live, 24/7 On-Demand Facebook Support.  Whether you need help to Recover a Hacked Account, Recover a Disabled Account, Reset your Password, or other customer service issues, our team is ready to help you resolve your issue.  

You can start by browsing some of our recent articles. Check out our library of help videos or our advice on how to avoid needing to contact Facebook Support.  To get started with a FREE TRIAL of fig social right away, CLICK HERE to visit our support page!


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