Forgot Facebook password and locked out. Can’t get any Facebook Support? This video blog walks you through how to reset your Facebook password.

In the below video, fig social’s founder walks us through how to reset your Facebook password if you’re locked out of your account and having trouble gaining access. He also shows the simple steps you can take to never have to worry about getting locked out of your Facebook account again.

After watching the video, if you need more help than this, grab a Free Trial of fig social and let your chat support experts help resolve whatever Facebook issues you need help with! To grab your free trial, start by completing the form on our Facebook Support page.

Below is a portion of the transcript from the video.

So getting into Facebook, that can be a huge problem, right? There’s a lot of people that get locked out all the time. And that’s something that we do. Social media networks because of their model, don’t provide support. It’s people kind of think of it as customer support, but we’re actually on these social media networks like Facebook, which I’m going to do an example for where we’re users and they’ve got free to use models and so it’s kind of flipped on its head and, and they don’t have the resources to allocate towards customer service. So that’s why we created big social. But anyway I’m trying to recreate the scenario in your Facebook to lock me out and just walk you guys through how to do it. If you have more complex problems in this, you can go to and check us out.

But anyway, all right, so let’s go to Facebook. So what I’ve done is I’ve got a, a VPN, so private network on, and it’s somewhere we’re not based where our headquarters is. And I’ve also got a, a, a private browser on. So again, the goal here is to not allow Facebook to recognize me and then we can go through that process together. All right, so I’ve got my email in and now let me go. Let’s see. So password wise, see everybody’s gonna know my password. I’ll figure out some way to blur it out. Got my daughter’s names to come back over here. I’m going to drop it in. Login. Let’s see what happens. You entered an old password, so your password has changed or was changed about three months ago. If you don’t remember making this change, click here. Okay. So, Hmm, what could it be?

Up over here. I’m gonna try another one that I have on file. Let’s see if that one works.

Okay, so you entered an old password, your password was changed about three months ago. You can reset your password if you don’t remember it or what you changed it to. So I’m going to do that. I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to click reset my password and go through this process.

Okay. So please check your email for a message with your code. Your code is six numbers long and I think the problem is a lot of individuals that we talked to, they haven’t you know, they don’t have access to those emails anymore and things like that as well. Or maybe they have a new number and change that which, you know, we can, we can resolve. There’s literally 99% of the issues out there we’re able to resolve. So let’s see some email here. Let’s maybe go sign in and check it out. See if I have it.

There it is. I’m going to copy and paste it. You would do the same thing from your mobile phone and obviously, all right. And now I get to reset my password. So that’s, that’s pretty cool. I’m going to go ahead and do that.

Continue. you’ve asked us, so this is, this is one thing that really helps I’m going to show you how to do this after the fact, but since we have ad accounts for my ad agency days, I set up dual authentication. We had just too many credit cards and things like that in the account. And so now it’s asking for a code generator and I’m gonna actually have to use my phone, which I’m recording this on. All right, so now it’s asking for me to authenticate my account. And you can go to the app store. If you have an iPhone, it’s on Android as well. Download authenticator. It’s a Google product, so it’s legit. And what it does is it has these codes, I’m not sure, maybe they last for like 30 seconds. And so I’ve installed that dual authentication on my account and I can go here.

I can’t enter these numbers. I’m going to wait. Okay. Now that that the time has passed, I’m going to enter this next one that we see here to confirm. So that was wrong. So let’s try the next one down to five zero three, seven four. And they’re doing this. I mean it’s, it seems frustrating, but they’re doing this for security reasons. All right? Now that we have that done we can enter our account. So it’s asking me about, about a page or something I have published, not really sure. Again from the ad agency days. But I am stay logged in, I’m just going to click continue so I don’t log myself out of any of my other devices and now I’m in. And so that is absolutely, you know, that’s, that’s huge. And that authenticator what you do to set that up, it’s super easy.

You just come over here to the sidebar. Same little arrow dropdown on your phone come down to settings. So you have to security and login, choose friends to contact if you get locked out. So that’s an option, right? You can ask your mom and dad and somebody else or a couple of friends, whatever to to you know, help you confirm if you get locked out. Then you could also turn on right here where it says two factor authentication. You can turn this on and you can select your security method. And so I use the authentication app. You can drive that on the Google play store or the Apple store. Download that on your phone. They’ll sync up. So what it does is it gives you a little actually gives you a code that you are able to take a picture of or scan and put that in.

Like the little, I want to say QBC code that might not be right and it’ll sync up with your, your mobile device. And after that you basically don’t ever have to worry about these problems again of not receiving goes, not receiving passwords or whatever. You’ve got dual set up on your account and that is a huge, huge advantage. But anyways, if you’re having any other problems other than that, go to and grab one of our free trials. Try our service out. It’s amazing. It also comes with with social guard, which syncs up to your account and protects your pictures and videos because people’s accounts get hacked or social media networks can actually delete them without your permission because you posted a picture of your four year old maybe that you know, they thought was inappropriate or something like that. I’ve done that before, posted a picture of me and my kids playing on the pole and they just have, you know, shorts on or whatever.

And I, you know, I get a warning message. And so, so anyways that’s one of those things that could happen and you lose everything. All the data’s gone. But with social guard, with our service, you get you get that protection, it stores and backs up your information every 24 hours and only you have access to it. But it’s all the pictures of videos you’ve posted publicly on your social media network. And then if they get deleted or your account gets deleted, rather they’re still there. So again, Corbitt with fig social, we’d love to talk to you guys, but maybe we don’t have to. Maybe this helps and this is all you need it. And I hope, I hope it does. Alright, take care guys and have a great day. Thanks.

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