Using Facebook during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has taken the world by storm, effectively changing the reality of our day-to-day lives.  What we once knew as normal–going to work, sporting events, eating out, visiting friends and family BBQs–has been replaced by mandated social distancing.  Naturally, the masses have taken to the online world in an attempt to “digitize” the life we all once knew. Game nights with friends are now happening via Zoom’s teleconferencing platform, students of all ages are learning through similar video conferencing tools, and everyone is using social media platforms as an outlet to share and hear the latest news stories regarding the crisis.

These are certainly unusual and unprecedented times, and we are all trying to navigate the current way of life as best as we are able.  At fig social, our goal is to make using Facebook better for everyone, so we’ve put together a short list of Facebook Do’s (and one Don’t!) to help provide a bit of guidance through the digital side of this pandemic.

DO Use Facebook to Stay Connected During COVID-19 Social Distancing

The social media platforms, especially Facebook, have now become a daily essential for so many.  While everyone may need Facebook account support from time to time,, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all thankful it exists during this COVID-19 crisis.  Which brings us to our first DO: Use Facebook to stay connected!

Facebook offers many ways to connect family and friends, including sharing videos, pictures, and status updates on our newsfeed, engaging with posts from our friends on our newsfeed, sending private messages through the Messenger app (or as of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook Messenger Kids, which has seen a surge in popularity as an application that allows parents to connect their children with schoolmates they’re not able to see on a regular basis), staying connected in a community of people in Groups, sharing snippets from our day in our Story, and going Live on the platform’s streaming tool.  

Don’t let these tools go unused; reach out and connect with friends today!

DO Use the Facebook Mobile App to Share Encouragement with Those Who May Need It

Using these tools as a way that we can connect while shelter-in-place laws are in effect is great, and we can focus on using them to share encouragement when it is needed most, which we can all do right from our mobile devices.  Our second DO during COVID-19 is simple: be a good neighbor (even from a distance)!

Being forced to self-isolate during the Coronavirus outbreak can be difficult to manage for some.  Being single and living alone, having a mental health condition, being at risk for contracting the virus, or to be extroverted and accustomed to daily social interaction can make isolation difficult to the point of posing legitimate mental and emotional health risks.  Remember our friends and family may need connection the most so why not make a point to reach out to them on a regular basis? Even when we don’t feel like checking in on someone, making the effort to brighten someone’s day is likely not a decision we’ll regret and it could make a world of difference to them.  

DO Be a Responsible Facebook User

The words pandemic and panic both come from the same root word “pan” which in the original Greek means, “all, every, all-inclusive.” In an odd twist, the COVID-19 pandemic has essentially united the entire globe against a common enemy, but it doesn’t take long to realize that there can be some bad eggs out there in a panic. There can be a lot of opinions out there no matter where we seem to turn online and some of them can be found by scrolling through our Facebook newsfeeds.  Sharing sensationalism, or media that’s published with the intent to spread fear, scandal, or to unfairly persuade the public’s opinion, is not a constructive use of social media. We encourage all of us to post responsibly while not contributing to what can seem like a growing body of online noise.  

Be a Fact Checker

How do we know if a post we’re sharing is providing value or being destructive?  First, our recommendation would be to do some good old fashion fact checking–at the very least, fact check the source and maybe even the source’s source.  Is it coming from a reputable website? What else has the author or publisher produced, and have those been articles based in sensationalism disguised in click bait or are they actually trying to provide information of value?  And lastly, pass it through the common sense test. Is it making wild or outrageous claims that may raise a red flag? If so, is this something we need to share with others?

The Coronavirus already brings enough fear and uncertainty with it; we can all do our  part and think twice before hitting the “share” button! 

DO Remember Our Humanity

We may all be weathering the same COVID-19 storm, but we’re riding in different boats.  What may be a minor inconvenience for some is a major, life-altering detour for others.  Remember this when interacting with others on social media. Stop and think before making comments or responding to comments by others on Facebook.  

Every day brings news of more infections, more statewide mandates, and more uncertainty as to what the future holds.  While we know that this will pass, we don’t know how long it will be before we see the other side. Keep in mind that this is a first-time experience for everyone.  Everyone is going to cope with the anxiety and uncertainty in their own way.  Perhaps now is a time to remember compassion, empathy, and grace? The social media world could always use a little more understanding.

DON’T Panic Over Facebook Account Issues 

Okay, there’s that “panic” word again. This is our one and only actual DON’T on the list: do not panic!  Facebook has been an integral part of our daily lives for quite some time now, but it’s becoming even more so during this time. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer any kind of live or on-demand support to help troubleshoot user account issues.  The only support they offer comes in the form of a self-serve article library where user’s can search for relevant information until they find something that may or may not help their issue.   

First off, the good news is that if we’re looking for a good excuse to panic, right now we don’t have to look all that hard. The world has been upended, but it won’t last forever and the same goes for a Facebook account issue that might come up during this time. Secondly, we’re here at fig social providing live 24/7 Facebook support just like we always do, throughout the COVID-19 crisis. That’s why we exist!  fig social is the world’s first provider of live, on-demand 24/7 Facebook support for users! 

Since launching our business, we’ve had the privilege of assisting thousands of people with Facebook issues like generating a safe password, help to Recover a Disabled Account, help to Recover a Hacked Account, and other customer service issues.

Verified fig social Reviews

Hear what some fig social users have had to say about our on-demand 24/7 support:

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“fig social has become a force in the social media industry for top-notch, live 24-hour support!  Their support reps are awesome and with no actual network providing support this has paid off big time for me and my family!”

Trey G. from Oceanside, California

Don’t let problems with your account keep you from connecting to your community during COVID-19 social distancing.  Whatever your issues are, we are here to help you! Check out our live Facebook support today and be covered when you need it the most!  Click Here to get started!

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