Can you guess the number one reason why people reach fig social? It’s not a hacked account. It’s not issues using Facebook. It’s because they need a strong password and are looking for a free Facebook Password Generator.

Facebook Password Generator

As cybercrime incidents continue to rise across the web, online users need to take measures to further protect themselves. There are a number of proactive steps one can take in order to better protect themselves, and having a secure password in place is one of the most important steps.

As Facebook support experts, we strongly advise our community to use a password that meets the following criteria:

  • Is not used as a password elsewhere as one hack could result in access to all online accounts that use the password
  • Is at least 12-15 characters long
  • Uses a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Does not contain sensitive, private information (like social security number or birthdays)

We understand that coming up with a password that meets all of the above can be pretty tricky. Especially considering how many passwords the average individual needs to manage all of his or her accounts (the average is 70-80, by the way).

That’s why we created a unique tool that you can use to generate an unlimited number of passwords that meet all of the required criteria! Check it out at the link below. And yes, it’s FREE.

Managing Account Passwords

If you’ve traditionally used the same password for multiple accounts, or are in the habit of using easy-to-remember passwords (read: easy to hack), the thought of using a strong, complex password unique to each account may seem overwhelming. It is, after all, hard enough to remember basic passwords. How does one manage all of these credentials?

There are tools available that can help you to keep track of usernames and passwords across all of your accounts. We do not have any affiliation with any of the following companies, and we always strongly suggest researching user reviews before trusting your login information to anyone or anything.


An advantage of LastPass is that it has a free version available that has enough capabilities for the lay user, while remaining easy and intuitive to use. The browser plugin makes it easy to store new or updated login credentials with the click of a button.


Keeper Password Manager has enough capability for anyone, from students to families to large enterprises. While it is not free to use like the basic version of LastPass, they conveniently have a tiered pricing structure that will suit anyone needing to use their software. The tiered pricing plan offers the following plans: student, personal, family, business, and enterprise.


Dashlane is the most elaborate (and expensive) option of the three. To make their product suitable for most users, they do offer a tiered pricing plan for individuals, families, and businesses.

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