As of our writing of this post, fig social, is the only provider of real-time and live 24-hour Facebook™ and social media support for users in the world!

Now, a quick caveat, we’re not puffing up our chests trying to brag or anything because a statement like that might make it seem so. On the contrary, we’re simply excited to have the opportunity as the first and only provider of Facebook account support and Social Media support for users when and where they need it. We consider it an incredible honor to serve you, whether your needs are your Facebook account that you need help logging in on or some other issue on a separate social media network. It’s a responsibility that we do not take lightly!

If you haven’t noticed, we live in a brave new world – one that, no matter what country you’re in, language you speak or network you’re on, social media networks like Facebook are a part of our everyday live’s. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay in some form or fashion. It will undoubtedly evolve as time passes, but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

This image, copyright Facebook, Inc., shows account user activity on their network happening across the world.

The ability to stay connected to your loved ones as well as anything and everything else social media networks provide is pretty dang cool. As consummate optimists, we strongly believe the benefits of social media platforms like FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, etc. far exceed any potential pitfalls. BUT, they’re not perfect and that’s where fig social comes in to help fill a void where otherwise there wouldn’t be an offering for users like yourself.

The way we see it there are two potential gaps that fig social attempts to fill to support account users and with Social Media Networks like Facebook, who as of today, has nearly 3 billion users worldwide on its platform, it’s a big gap for anyone to try and fill… Even the networks themselves because they weren’t set up to provide any type of product offering to their users for what we do and we don’t believe it will happen, ever if any time soon. That’s pitfall #1. Pitfall #2 is any type of all-inclusive account monitoring for hacks as well as data preservation of your content (images, videos, etc).

It’s no one’s fault and we certainly don’t hold anything Facebook, Inc., for not providing account support to their users (or any other social media network, for that matter). It simply comes down to unit economics (how they’ve set up their individual revenue models) and how these platforms were conceived. By and large, these networks now produce most of their revenue through advertisements and merchant services exchanges. Other than UX (user experience, which is how you engage with the network while logged in), these tend to be their main focus.

These companies are massive, but don’t have the infrastructure in place nor any type of concerted effort towards real-time 24/7 support for users. Instead they’ve taken another approach (which is brilliant on their part) which is to provide documentation for account users who need support detailing how to fix most common issues that could happen with their social media account. It’s a wise move on their part because it creates massive scale where all they have to do is create the information, organize it into an online repository and allow access to users so that they can find it whenever one of these situations comes up. A prime example of this is the Facebook Help Center.

As we all know, if only these support issues we need help with on our Facebook, Pinterest (or other social media accounts) were really that simple. They’re not, plain and simple. First off, one thing we’ve discovered at fig social is that depending on your support need some of this documentation is buried pretty deep in areas like the Facebook Help Center we referenced in the previous paragraph. It’s not easy to find and it varies from user to user.

This is because all of our individual social media accounts sit on different servers and receive separate updates and/or are beta tested with new features, depending on our individual usage, geographic location our accounts were set up in, etc. It really comes down to how much your time is worth and we believe that it’s valuable so you shouldn’t spend it attempting to find this stuff on your own to potentially strike out before coming to a solution.

Secondly, there’s also not a focus on preserving your data in the event of a breach. What’s worse, is that your account can even be deleted (along with all your data) by the social media network itself. It’s happened to regular people and unfortunately in this scenario there’s not much we or anyone else can do for you unless you’ve chosen one of our account protection memberships. Given networks like Instagram have become essentially digital photo albums where priceless memories are stored these assets are of the highest value. There are parents who, for whatever reason, have had their accounts deleted by the platform and lost entire year’s of pictures and videos of their children’s lives because those assets weren’t stored somewhere offline.

So, we formed fig social to fill the gap for these two pitfalls with the two following services:

  1. 24/7 Real-Time Social Media Support: For a nominal fee of $1.19 per month, you get unlimited 24/7 real-time support for your social media accounts. This is our core offering which provides Facebook support as well as support for any of your social media accounts. There’s truly nothing out there in the thousands of support cases we’ve seen that we’re not able to resolve. And, of course, it’s something you can cancel anytime.

  2. SocialMedia365 Memberships: We also offer a membership program that is called, SocialMedia365. SocialMedia365 provides members protection for their social media accounts in the event of an attack by hackers and preserves any important information from data loss. Depending on your need we have different options you can choose from, again, all of which are under $10 per month.

It’s our aim to not only provide the best quality account support and service for your Facebook and other social media accounts, but also be ready to help you when and where you need it most 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year… It doesn’t matter whether you need account support in the middle of the day or middle of the night, we’ll be ready to resolve your issue quickly and save you massive amounts of time and headache. Not only account support, but for those who are interested in protecting their social media data which includes the preservation of your most valuable account assets and information providing that security through our SocialMedia365 memberships.

As we referenced we resolved thousands of cases at this point and are so grateful for our customers… The feedback we’ve received is that they’re thankful for us too which is so rewarding for all of us at fig social. That said, we do hear from time-to-time that one “shouldn’t have to pay for social media” which we wholeheartedly agree with. With that in mind, we’re an independent business that provides an unparalleled service that, right now, isn’t available anywhere else.

We’ve priced our services at next to nothing and as we mentioned earlier it’s really a question of what your time is worth to you. Our belief is everyone’s individual time is the most valuable resource on the planet. So, saving you the time it would take attempting to get back into your account, or whatever other social media account issue you may face, at an insanely low cost, is a pretty sweet deal.

Don’t believe us? Give our Facebook Support services a try and if it’s not $1.19 well spent to resolve your account issue, as well as receive real-time ongoing monthly support (with no hidden fees) that you can cancel anytime.

That said, if we haven’t convinced you give Facebook’s Help Center portal a try for any Facebook issue you may be experiencing or any other social media network’s help center. They do have the information you need for the majority of issues you might face and we’ve documented the Help Center’s for the Top 10 U.S. social media networks at this link.

It just might take more time than it’s worth to actually get to it on your own and that, to us, is the conundrum we’re here to solve… or, should we write figure out for our customers at fig social!

The End. ?


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