Facebook recently released a massive design overhaul that they’ve dubbed “The New Facebook.”  The newly designed desktop home feed has been created to mimic the view of the mobile application, thereby improving user experience and consistency across platforms.  Facebook has been known to roll out new home feed designs on a fairly consistent basis since it launched in the late 2000s, but it’s safe to say that The New Facebook is one of the biggest overhauls to date.

How To Get The New Facebook

If you haven’t switched over to the new look yet, it’s a very simple process.  Simply log in to your Facebook account on desktop then click on the little down arrow in the top right corner.

Next, you’ll navigate to the bottom of the dropdown menu and choose “Switch to New Facebook.”

And it’s that simple. You should see your News Feed immediately transform to the updated aesthetic.

In my opinion, I believe The New Facebook feels better organized and easier to navigate. As with all layout changes, it may take a minute to become oriented with the new design, but overall I’m pleased with the user experience.

Facebook’s New Quiet Mode

Along with this new and improved visual design, the social network also released a couple of features intended to increase user happiness in interacting with the platform.  According to Hootsuite, 74% of the network’s 2.4 billion users log in on a daily basis, spending an average of 38 minutes per day on the site. A common complaint from frequent users has been that it’s a distraction and they feel like they spend too much time scrolling through their news feed. To combat this, Facebook has released a new “Quiet Mode” available on the mobile application (iOS is available now, Android will be available soon).

Quiet Mode enables users to set designated off-times when their notifications are temporarily silenced, and accessing the app requires a few extra steps than normal.

Screenshot via Facebook

With Quiet Mode, you have the ability to either manually enter the no-distraction mode or you can schedule the app to automatically enter Quiet Mode on designated days and times.

This new feature comes as a much-needed addition to other user experience features like time management, which allows you to see how long you’re on the app each day of the week.

Screenshot via Facebook
Screenshot via Facebook

Facebook’s New Dark Mode

Another new addition that was rolled out alongside The New Facebook is the ability to enter Dark Mode which flips the normally white background and light aesthetic to a dark background and overall dark aesthetic. The purpose of this feature is to give users a version of the site that is a little easier on the eyes, especially at night-time or in a dark room.

You have to be using The New Facebook layout in order to access Dark Mode. But once you’ve made the switch, turning this feature on is very easy.

Begin by navigating to the little down arrow in the top right-hand corner of the page. Once you click that, a dropdown menu will appear. The option to activate Dark Mode is available about halfway down this menu. Simply slide the button to the right to turn it on.

You should immediately see the aesthetic of the site flip from light to dark.

It’s that easy. At fig social, we encourage you to take advantage of these user experience features in order to continue to enjoy the social network while avoiding digital burnout.

As with any new Facebook feature roll-outs, bugs and issues can be expected. fig social is proud to provide live, on-demand support for all of your Facebook needs. CLICK HERE to get started with our chat service for free! We’re happy to have helped thousands of customers with a near-perfect satisfaction rate of 97.58%.


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