“Your account has been disabled” is a message that every Facebook user dreads seeing. And yet, more and more accounts are being disabled as a result of violating Facebook’s Community Standards.

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Facebook Community Standards

Facebook has an entire team responsible for monitoring activity, looking for content or engagement that violates its user policies. This team, known as the Policy Enforcement Team, had grown to 20,000 employees as of December 2018. This massive team includes 7,500 policy review specialists who strictly monitor content being exchanged on the platform.

If members of this team encounter content that violates their Community Standards, they have the right to remove that content or to even disable the user’s account, if the violation is severe (if you want to know the #1 reason why Facebook disables accounts, see our recent article HERE).

The issue of disabled accounts is on the rise, undoubtedly due in part to a recent corporate Facebook ban that put pressure on the social media network to better canvas the content being shared between users. The #StopHateForProfit campaign, which launched in June of this year, began with 500 heavy-hitting companies and has since grown to include over 1,100 companies in the last ten weeks. These companies vowed to halt all advertising on Facebook and Instagram until the social media networks cut down on hateful content.

The ban resulted in a serious financial loss on the part of Facebook. And given the rapid increase in users contacting us for help with a disabled account, we think it’s safe to say that the protest made a difference.

Disabled Facebook Accounts: Permanent or Temporary

It’s important to understand that not all accounts are disabled on a permanent basis. If the level of violation is not severe the enforcement team may simply put a temporary ban on the account. You can think of this like Facebook probation, a disciplinary period to make the user aware of the risk of losing access to the account for inappropriate behavior.

However, if the account has been permanently disabled, the user will not be able to regain access and the account will be removed after 30 days. We strongly recommend considering protecting your uploaded social media data with feedstr, our forthcoming mobile app. feedstr offers perpetual and automatic back up for all uploaded assets, ensuring all photos and videos are stored in case access to the account is suddenly lost.

How To Get Back Into a Disabled Facebook Account

There is also the very real possibility that an account has been disabled on accident. In addition to the 20,000-person team responsible for enforcing their policies, Facebook also uses AI-powered technology that flags content without human supervision. If you believe your Facebook account has been mistakenly disabled, you can submit an appeal to reverse their decision.

Our support team at fig social is on standby, ready to assist you with this appeal. You can also read more at our Answer Center by clicking HERE. We also recently wrote an article covering the steps to take to access a disabled account. You can read that article HERE.

It is also possible that your account is not actually disabled. If you’re having trouble accessing an active account, then there are other steps to take to resolve the issue. You can learn more about getting back into your active account HERE or contact our expert support reps for further help.

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About fig social: Facebook Live Chat Support

fig social was founded in 2019 by Corbitt Chandler, who also founded the digital marketing agency, Apex Current.  The vast majority of Chandler’s work at Apex Current involves deploying Facebook ad campaigns for his clients, making him very familiar with the gaping holes in Facebook’s support system.  After realizing that Facebook had no plans to provide the much-needed support service to its users, fig social was born.  

At fig social, our mission is to help the world one Facebook user at a time. As the world’s first (and only) provider of 24/7 Facebook Support, we don’t take this responsibility lightly.  We provide support through online chat for any issue you may face with your account.  Whether you need help to Recover a Hacked Account, Recover a Disabled Account, Reset your Password, or other customer service issues, our team is ready to help you resolve your issue.  

You can start by browsing some of our recent articles. Check out our library of help videos or our advice on how to avoid needing to contact Facebook Support.  To get started with a FREE TRIAL of fig social right away, CLICK HERE to visit our support page!

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